Monday, March 10, 2008

Cold Held Still

The chill sets within and everthing grows cold

Slowly the blood freeze and my heart goes numb

A warm breath and a long sigh escapes

Mist sprawling all around sprawling in the eyes

These months of throbbing pain return every time

Stranded in the memory lane all hush and quiet

Someone comes rushing by, footsteps echo hard

In the middle of this winter night who's knocking at my door?

Is it you death who has come to relieve this anguish

Or have you still forsaken me?

Till I let out a wail of desperation?

I've spent a thousand nights staring in the dark

Groping to find myself or to find some trance

I've waited long enough, patience withers away

I can't live like this with a paralysed body and mind

Morning light battles its way through a dismal creak

I have to stand up to open all doors

Death may have forsaken me but life is waiting to be embraced

The mist melts down into dews and trickle out of those eyes

Everything still seems frozen but the sun grows warmer by the time

Slowly the blood melts and rushes to the heart

Someday my identity will surface upto my knowledge

But whats the use of stagnating till then

Let me step out in a warm jacket of faith in time

Let the distant sun heal all my pain

And let the chilly winds show me the way…

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