Monday, March 10, 2008

A Hushed Silence

Dear Reader

I will be sharing my blogs on this site. It's a sort of an outlet to all that I have seen in life. I just wanted to express them. Anyone reads it or not, I'm not concerned with that. If you do get yourself to read the whole thing, then I'll have all the gratitude for you in my heart.

There is something peculiarly special about us humans. Each and every person is unique in its own way. The human mind is like a software, or say a set of functions that are programmed to work independently with logic and reason. I know it can be explained more deeply in a further detailed fashion, but I'm not really caring to indulge into those heavy technological terms. But yes, what makes every living creature different from the softwares et al, is the sense of independent judgement. A dog knows to differ amongst enemies and his owner; whom to bark at and after whom to wag his tail around. But on a higher level what makes humans so unique, is the quality of emotions which eventually affects the sense of judgement to a greater level. Emotions. Emotions are the most complex facet of human life. And is it can be seen, the more complex the composition, the more complex the problems arise. And because every human being is unique, his problems too are unique. Yes, the problems maybe similar in some way or other for commonality of a number of people; but even amongst them each person's problem is unique. Only that person can understand the intensity of his situation to a extent which no one else can. You may hear many a people say, "I understand what you are going through" but in actuality they do only to a certain percentage of it, at most say 99%. Still, the 1% is personal to you that no one else can feel. Why I'm starting my blog with this note is that, on reading the later blogs, you may feel at points- disgusting, funny, of no importance or things like that. But to me, that same disgusting might be pleasurable; that same funny might be aggravating or humiliating or that unimportant issue maybe painfully of great importance. Okay, I'll set an example. One morning you read about two girls being child abused at two separate incidents. You may feel sorry, or whatsoever for them, but only upto an extent. You have been hearing about child abuse news since like forever, so it isn't new for you. But it is new to the girls on whom this crime has been inflicted upon. Only they know the intensity of it. Even on a micro level, one of them can wholly feel what the other has gone through. Say in Girl A's case, the assaulter is a total stranger or rather an enemy to the girl. Alongwith the saddistic physical assault, he also harms her with verbal abuse, like discouraging comments about her appearance, her parents and so on. On other hand, say Girl B knows her assaulter like some uncle. He deceives her and tricks her into the wrongdoing. He may not beat her, he may not swear upon her; but he may inflict mental agony by emotionally blackmailing and stuff. She had loved and trusted him and he shattered that, so it is a shock in itself. So you see, both the situations are very distinct in themselves. Now, twenty years later suppose both of them get to know each other somehow and gradually share each others' experience and may feel that they understand what the other has gone through, but in reality they can't even imagine the horror or the dissapointment the other has faced.

So when you read about the deepest and untold secrets of my life, I have one advice: Don't judge, because you may not be in a position to do so, but please try to understand the surrounding circumstances in which such incidents occur. Other people maybe going through a similar situation to mine, if not exactly the same. And a similar one can be better or even worse than the original incident.


The Bong

P.S: This is an impulsive writing, rather than a complsive writing. Compulsive writing is when you write with the thought in mind that "I have to/should/must write". But impulsive writing is totally out of an impulse. Its just when you suddenly want to express yourself through words. So since it depends all on my mood, I can't promise you regular installments, but yes, I will try my best. Your interests maybe a source of encouragent for me…

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