Monday, March 10, 2008

Springtime Winds

Just in a couple of weeks the chill is going to fade away. It won't be freezing cold to relieve of our layers of winter clothing. But a cool spring breeze sneaking into our cotton shirts and tingling a silly sensation. The colors will be so much different. The blue will be brighter and green will be shinier. No summer yellows, no autumn oranges, no winter grays and browns... just the mist washed blue of skies and the new born green of fresh leaves. Oh, and not to mention the Valentine's season. Add a hint of bright crimson red to the topping. And you got the perfect recipe for a mushy year ahead. Well, maybe not a year. Maybe just uptil the 12 o clock suns seems too hot to be fooling around. Love is in air. Crane your necks out of your shells and smell the air. You feel will it. Every year this happens. I can feel love inspite of the fact that I haven't found true love yet. But this is the season that blows away the shed leaves of dismay and despair. Of heartbreak and dissapointment. And sprays a new fragrance of hope. A hope, that is so intense as if you believe with your utmost optimism that something good is gonna happen. Something like never before. Probably love. Or maybe even better. Just this hope. A hope that sails us through till the months when the freeze returns in the year end. But there's hope. That next year won't be a celebration of lonliness. A hope that there will be someone warm, saving my emotions from freezing up in the cold. So let's get aboard. And sail this beautiful journey of life. A beautiful year lies ahead...

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